I won’t play Starfield on PC unless it gets this one crucial graphics setting

Jun 29, 2023
This is quite a dramatic stance to take.

You mentioned that the requirements for the game are not that steep and you will still be able to turn on FSR like every other person playing the game (regardless of what GPU they are using). Plus you'll still likely have a better experience with a higher frame rate than anyone with an AMD GPU anyway.

Everyone is quick to attack AMD for implementing a universal open-source upscaling technology but fail to acknowledge that DLSS is proprietary tech designed to maintain and grow Nvidia's market share.

Should DLSS be included? - Sure.
Is it a big deal that it's not? - Nope.
Would it be a big deal if there was no upscaling at all? - Yes, then bring out the pitchforks.


Jul 4, 2013
Dave has a 4090 and yet complains about not having DLSS. Even though he could natively run it at 4K 120+ frames per second. The cope is real.