Nov 1, 2013
So I'm looking for a new laptop. First I want at least 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD and an i7 Processor. My current 3 options are the Dell XPS 15, Dell XPS 13 Developer Edition and the MacBook Pro. I will be installing Linux on it alongside Windows / MacOS. I will be doing programming, Photoshop work, some video editing and who knows what else. Just not gaming, I'd do that on the PC. My max price is about £1500. I was considering building a new PC first but I think that it would be better to get a laptop first then build a PC down the line, just to make sure that I always have a working, powerful enough machine. In case something happens to the PC. Looks are important, that's why I'm not going for a gaming Laptop, like an Alienware or anything like that. Good keyboard, trackpad and build quality are also important. All things Apple are known for. I just don't want to be hindered by not being as invested in their ecosystem as they'd like.
Also I was considering only spending about £700 - £800 on the laptop and building a PC sooner rather than later.

I'm open to any suggestion that you may have. Thank you in advance.