image problem after replacing screen on dell inspiron 15r


Apr 19, 2013
after replacing the screen on a dell inspiron 15r everything looked great for a while,picture was fine, colours were as they should of been,but after a few minutes the screen started to flicker and there appears to be what i can only describe as shadowing of anything that is on the screen.this only appears after logging into windows. i have plugged an external monitor into the laptop and that works fine. i have taken the new screen out and put back in all with the same result.i have changed the resolution etc, again this did not work......any help would be greatly appreciated


Sep 21, 2007

You probably have a defective port or the used screen just died since everything is fine on external screen.
Was it a used or new screen?
Why did you replace it the first place ?
Check the plugins for bent pins, happened to me when I replaced a laptop screen before.


Apr 19, 2013
HI, thanks for your reply, the screen was replace with a new one after my daughter accidentaly knocked the laptop off her bed and cracked the original.


Hey Mac,

"shadowing", if I'm visualizing correctly what you're describing, sounds like a bad inverter. The inverter is what powers the lamp in the LCD panel. Any way you could take a photo, upload it to something like imgur or photobucket, or some other online image hosting site, and then link us?

That's not necessarily true. It's good practice, but in many cases, you can fit something comparable and compatible - though it may not be identical or original - and it will work (as OP has said, the screen has worked for some time prior to this).

Of course, panel incompatibility is still a possibility here too.
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