In laptops is MXM card better then onboard discrete chip?


Apr 21, 2015
My question comes from past experiences with laptops with discrete but fuzed graphics chips vs full mxm 3b laptop cards. My question is what are the advantages of MXM slot cards aside from upgradability? When comparing i mean as two chips should have similar specs while one is an MXM card.


well there are only 3 types of gpus I know about.:

1. Consumer - Geforce - gtx 680m and so on or AMD Radoeon series - AMD Radeon HD 8570M
2. Professional - Quadrino or AMD firepro
3. Intergrated - Intel hd graphics or amd HD series

1. These graphics cards have 2 purposes. 1. Games - These are made especially for games as they have drivers for them. Obviously, there will be a range of the them from entry level to high end. 2. 3D load - These cards can be used for 3d but they are not the best. The graphics card from the second option in the list are the best for this.
2. These are made especially for 3d load as they have specialized drivers for the software
3. These are made to save as much as battery life as possible while giving enough performance for simple 2d things.

I hope I have answered your question.


Apr 21, 2015

Thanks for the clarification but to be honest that doesn't really answer my question,
what im asking is that since WITHIN consumer cards for laptop there are ones that are soddered on and ones that fit using a MXM card clot. Im asking about the differences between those 2. And soddered on discrete chips like the 850m are not integrated IGPUs either


There is no difference in speeds for the same cards with different sockets, although vendors may spec speeds a bit differently by part #. MXM are almost all higher end video cards though, so in general they are faster than other laptop video cards.


May 20, 2014
I know that this may be late, but I think I have an answer for you:

MXM and Discrete GPUs are equal in power, but MXM can be upgraded while descrete GPUs are soldered to the laptop itself.
I'm sure you know this already. But here are the advantages and disadvantages:


+ Upgradability
+ Lack of the need to buy a whole new laptop
+ Modularity
- MXM chips are quite rare to find/lack of availability
- MXM slots will be out of date very quickly (Meaning you can only upgrade once or twice)
- Expensive technology


+ Compact form
+ Cheaper to manufacture/mass produce
- A whole new laptop has to be bought if the GPU does not meet today's standards
- Lack of repairability if it dies

At the end, it depends on your personal uses.

If you need a laptop that needs to be upgraded VERY constantly to achieve max graphics, go for MXM.(Note: Being a hardcore graphics enthusiast will help you in here. But as a hardcore gamer, it won't help you that much.

If you are a mainstream gamer, go for Discrete. If you are a hardcore gamer... Just go for discrete. It's cheaper and has advantages that outweigh it's disadvantages.
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