In wall speaker wire to RCA jack?


May 10, 2010
I know this was asked in a previous thread, but my situation is a little different.....

I have in-wall speaker wire (CL2 or similar). The wire has 4 inner wires (black, red, white, and green).

I'm trying to connect the in-wall speaker wire to an RCA jack so that I can connect my LFE wire for my sub
to the RCA. The RCA jack has 2 posts in which to attach wires.

Is this possible? If so, which wires do I connect to what? There are only 2 posts and 4 wires, which ones
go where?


No, it is not possible, the four wires in the wall are SPEAKER wires. The wire for your sub is a LINE LEVEL RCA input. The wire to connect the sub MUST be SHIELDED, and the wires in your wall are UNSHIELDED.
You Must use a SHIELDED RCA patchcord to hook up your subwoofer. This means you COULD retrofit this shielded RCA cable into the wall. A professional installer could do this for you. But what you are trying to do with the speaker wires WILL NOT work.