Installing Win 7 on an Asus x550 FreeDOS

Jurj Bogdan

Apr 2, 2014
I have a problem installing windows 7 home premium on this notebook - it was a gift for my birthday and it's brand new. I already had a bootable win 7 DVD on hand from my PC, and i proceeded to install it.

"Launch CSM" is enabled, safe boot is disabled, booting DVD-ROM 1st.

So i get past the 1st "starting windows" page, select what i want to install, make the partitions and proceed with instalation. Here comes the problem: the thing goes to a seconds "Starting Windows" page and it just gets stuck. The windows logo is pulsating, so it's not completely frozen, but I waited 30 min for it to go past and nothing. Anything I should consider?

Tried going in safe mode, but it's stuck there as well, I guess Windows isn't installed properly or what?

#edit: apparently i rushed to post a question and didn't really hit the subforum - probably needed to post under win7 or notebooks. Sorry