Integrating Samsung Smart TV, turntable and (older) Teac receiver with Bose Acoustimass 15 II Home Theater System


May 25, 2017
I have a Samsung Smart TV (UN55F7500) that I am running through a (cheap) Onkyo AV Receiver TX-NR509 and a Bose Acoustimass II Subwoofer and 5 speaker system. I have now purchased an older Technics SL D20 turntable that I would like to integrate, but the Onkyo receiver does not have an integrated amplifier. I know I could purchase a pre-amplifier to make this all work, but it is yet another component. I have a (yet again) older Teac AG-D9320 AV Digital Surround Sound receiver, that unfortunately does not have USB connection for the TV. Is there solution to making all these components work together (ie integrate the Teac) with a particular cord?
There is no advantage or purpose to using both AV receivers. Pick one.
1. Connect the optical out of the TV to an optical input on the receiver. All your video sources connect to the TV
2. You will need to buy an external phono preamp to operate that turntable..,loc:2&gclid=CMuB76mWjtQCFY9WDQodoP8Hlg
Connect the turntable to the phono preamp input. Connect the preamp output to any unused RCA audio input on the receiver.
Check the owners manuals on how you to turn on the TV optical output, set up the receiver and connect the speakers.
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