Intel hd 4000 for 1920x1080 video


Feb 13, 2013
will the intel hd 4000 integrated video work well displaying 1920x1080 video - or is there advantage to going to dedicated gpu? Specifically quickly scrolling thru video. I don't care about 3d games.


Feb 13, 2013
I should clarify that I want to be able to quickly seek and fast forward thru very hi-def pron video with very little lag. Currently have older laptop and this is pretty slow and laggy. Does the processor have anything to do with it?? Is the dedicated gpu ONLY for 3d games as opposed to hi-def video playback.


Oct 5, 2011
You'd be better off upgrading your connection. Lower latency/higher download speeds.
Pretty much any modern processors' integrated graphics chip is plenty for movies.


Video really doesn't take much. I use a 5 yr old laptop 1.9ghz tl 58 and a x1270 that can play 1080p no problem. It's way below any modern cpu/gpu, and can hardly even play runescape on lowest settings. The player you are using will probably make the most difference.
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