Internet Connected but NOT connected on Samsung Series 9 TV

Mar 25, 2018
I live in a very rural area where none of big comanies can provide Internet.

AT&T suggested using Personal HoSpot on my Iphone. Works fine on Laptop!

I just purchased a new 55" Series 9 TV (MU9000).

Turned it on and configured it to point to the HotSpot - no problem

However, when I go to Network Status it shows problems wwith RED 'X's between each Icon and of course I cannot see anything allowing me to such as NetFlix

NO WAY TO CHANGE Network Settings!
When I go back to Network Settings all I see is the question about whether I setup internet Wireless or Wired. The Wireless option shows a checkmark as if it thinks there is a connection.

When I click on Wireless it goes through a check and comes back with the checkmark on the wireless option as if it was successful - but Network Status shows problems...

The Samsung Smart Remote that comes with the 9 Series has very few buttons for me to try anything new..

I have tried a Network Reset and a Smart Hub reset both of which say success but still network problems.
Mar 25, 2018

I also had two other small problems

When trying to register the TV online using the S/N number on back of TV I was told that either the TV was purchased in another country OR it was more than 3 years old, so I couldn't register. Well I bought it at BestBuy in Houston,TX in Feb2018 - and I didn't think the MU9000 even existed 3 years ago

- When doing initial configuration and requested to attach to (or create) Samsung Account. I got failure.
When trying to create an account I was told it could not connect to Samsung Server.
So I went to my Laptop (also connected via Iphone Hotspot), and created a new account.
Problem is that the email account has an underscore in the name and the TV configuration menu does not provide ability to enter an underscore as part of the email address.

So I called Samsung direct - very helpful. Unplugged TV for over 30 seconds, went through initial configuration again including attach to hotspot. When I got to question about attach to Samsung Account he told me to do a SKIP. I was then able to configure Hub and Bingo my Apps appeared for Netflix etc.