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  1. A

    Solved! how to connect

    how do I use my laptop as a phone through my wireless internet with VOIP
  2. S

    What news/sports programming can I get on my smart tv

    I want to drop expensive cable tv. TOO much I don't use. I want Fox News and some sports. What can I get on my smart tv with just my wireless internet connections.
  3. D

    Internet Connected but NOT connected on Samsung Series 9 TV

    I live in a very rural area where none of big comanies can provide Internet. AT&T suggested using Personal HoSpot on my Iphone. Works fine on Laptop! I just purchased a new 55" Series 9 TV (MU9000). Turned it on and configured it to point to the HotSpot - no problem However, when I go to...
  4. L

    4K UHD HDR TV for PlayStation 4 pro, Cannot Decide!! Please help purchasing in a couple of days..

    So I recently have been researching everywhere possible on the internet for a good 4k tv for PlayStation 4 pro ad 4k cable... Anyways i am not a millionaire so I want to get the best budget TV, The TV's ive been looking I will list,any opinions I appreciate thanks btw.. im buying one in a few...
  5. N

    Internet keeps dropping on laptop

    Hi! I'm having trouble with my wireless internet, it keeps dropping on my laptop but I can use it fine on other devices. I can't access the router so I can't restart it! I've tried updating my laptop, troubleshoot the internet connection, seen if everything is up to date. I've cleaned the...
  6. A

    Help with wifi connection

    I have had wireless internet for a while, and everything has worked fine. Now, My laptop, and all back room tvs, cant find my name on wi fi connection, so I cant connect. Anyone that comes over can still connect their tablets. My main TV that runs Netflix through internet in the living room...
  7. N

    Slow WiFi but only on Laptop, perfect on other devices

    Hello, I bought new WiFi adapter- TP- Link AC 1750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router Archer C7. Internet speed is going really slow on my HP laptop but fast on other devices like phones other laptops and TV. I check it here: http://www.speedtest.net/ I tried literally everything.. My router...
  8. J

    Acer E5-551 wireless problem

    Hi, my Acer E5-551 has recently started freezing and crashing due to wireless connection loss. A little Red Cross appears over the wireless icon and it freezes and eventually restarts. I can sometimes manage to fn/f3 so flight mode turns on and I can use the laptop fine but when I check the...
  9. H

    Dell Xps l702x wireless speed problems after factory reset

    Hi!I have kind of the same problem...i just did a factory reset and now the speed is terrible..im not kinda of good with these?
  10. C

    Wireless lan adapter

    I have a 55 inch Samsung Smart TV do I need a wireless LAN adapter to connect to wireless internet please help
  11. N

    UN40ES6150fxza won't connect to wireless internet

    My UN40ES6150fxza won't connect to wireless internet now since I changed service provider It was connected before with another service provider, but since I changed, it won't connect now
  12. M

    How Do I DVR?

    What do I need to do to record... Hardware: Wireless internet modem, Visio Smart TV, HDTV antenna, Amazon Prime :)
  13. K

    I just purchased this laptop and the wireless internet was fine until I messed up and tried to correct it but it didn't let me

    I can't get back on the wireless internet my phone and other thi gs work just fine and i hooked my phone to my laptop to see if that would help and my phone came on right away but I just can't connect to the internet please help me this so very important for my job and I don't want to use my...
  14. S

    which function key did I accidentally turn off to shut off my wireless internet service

    I can't connect to my wireless internet service. The message says I shut it off with a switch or a function key. Since I didn't turn off a switch I must have hit a function key since it is not my computer and I'm not familiar with the feel of the keyboard.
  15. M

    Trying to stream to an older TV

    I have an older Vizio tv with an input that I don't recognize. It is a circular multi-pin port. I want to disconnect to satellite TV but want to be able to stream on the Vizio if possible from my wireless internet.
  16. L

    I have wireless Internet but no cable service--too expensive. Can I connect Blue-ray palyer to TV without cable serivce

    I had cable service; discontinued due to expenses. Want to watch my DVDs on blue-ray player. Can I connect blue=ray to TV without cable service?
  17. C

    ASUS Laptop Wireless Connection Only After Restart

    I'm have this weird problem with my wireless internet connecting to any network. I have an ASUS G751vj which I bought recently and it seems to run into the same problem every time I turn it on. The wireless doesn't connect to any of the networks that it clearly has found in scan. There is a...
  18. A

    Lost in Chi

    litl laptop will not activate to wireless internet
  19. L

    TV and Internet through different providers?

    I need to set up Internet through a different provider than my current TV service provider. What problems could I encounter, and how can they possibly be avoided?
  20. P

    steam says no wifi but there is

    I am on a mac and i cant get onto steam it says "No Wifi" And i have to play offline
  21. B

    Why won't my laptop connect to my school's wireless internet?

    Hello, I'm having troubles connecting my laptop to my school's guest internet. Every time I connect I know I am suppose to sign in, but it won't let me sign in until I download java, which I already downloaded java that's the frustrating part. Here's the message...
  22. L

    can i hookup samsung smart tv using only my internet

    Do i need a cable provider to hookup smart tv and my wireless internet
  23. P

    SAMSUNG smart TV wireless network issue

    UN46D6050TF model. When tv is first turned on and go into smarthub to connect to netflix there is a message that states there isnetwork interference. each time we have to go into network settings and reconnect to the wireless network. Help Please????
  24. P

    samsung wireless internet

    I have a Samsung UN46F6300. Just changed internet & cable provider to Knology/WOW. (Was with Comcast & TV connected wirelessly.) Now I can see the access point/router/modem. However when I put in security password and try to "connect to internet", it does not connect. last night, I moved the tv...
  25. B

    Corsair 2100 wireless headset interferes with wireless internet connection after turning it on.

    So I have a wireless Corsair Vengeance 2100 headset and after turning it on my entire internet connection goes out. Skype, my connection to LoL, internet websites, etc, wont load. Is this related to the frequencies that they use? Wireless internet card: Linksys WMP600N Wireless PCI adapter...
  26. S

    have a wireless internet connection. recently my desktop computers using wireless USB connection will not connect to the inter

    have a wireless internet connection. recently my desktop computers using wireless USB connection will not connect to the internet, they find the network but no internet. the computers are running windows 7. at this point I dont believe its the router as the computers will connect to the...
  27. T

    netgear71 wireless internet passcode

    how to get my password for my wireless router on mergers71
  28. B

    Intermittent wireless internet

    In one moment my laptop identifies available internet connections (about 18 in my neighborhood) but then disconnects and says there are no connections available. Troubleshooting doesn't solve the problem, drivers are up to date, all other networks are disabled, dsn's are correct, gateway is...
  29. A

    How to Improve Your Wi-Fi Connection

    Slow wireless Internet can make you want to put your first through a wall—especially if you rely on a decent Internet connection to do your job. Luckily, there are a variety of ways to try troubleshooting the issue and (hopefully) improve your connection. Follow the steps below if you’re...
  30. C

    Overheating causes entire network internet bump

    My husband and I have noticed that when his laptop overheats, it knocks the Internet out for our entire wireless network in-home. Sometimes his laptop will overheat and shut down. At the same time, it suddenly knocks my computer's Internet offline. We're not really sure how this is connected...
  31. C

    Having Trouble Staying Connected. Please help!

    I have a Latitude D520, and I cannot, for anything, keep it connected to my wireless internet. The connection time varies --it can go from an entire hour of being connected, to less then a second after it's been repaired. And I'm not sure what the problem is. I've tried everything. Even being...
  32. N

    Wireless Internet problem

    I am having problems connecting wirelessly to my Dell Laptop Window 7. The Router seems to work just fine as I can get th Internet wirelessly with my IPad through the same Router. Would really appreciate any help step by step to resolve this matter as I am not computer suavy atall. Thank you kindly.
  33. F

    Possibly damaged WiFi adapter on laptop?

    Hi all, So recently I've been having WiFi problems with my Samsung laptop. It turns out that past a certain very short distance, in my home the laptop either doesn't connect or even detect the WiFi signal (which is literally 2 rooms down a small house). I've been away at college until recently...
  34. K

    Wireless Internet Telephone Headset

    I'm looking into purchasing a GREAT Wireless Headset to use at work for Internet Telephone calls. Currently we use a Plantronics headset that has a single speaker, it's good, but I want something better. I'm looking at these 3 options: Turtle Beach z300 -...
  35. O

    Wireless internet not working

    Yesterday my wireless internet was working fine today I turn my laptop on and no wireless and the wireless light isn't lit up, and when i try to hit Fn + f3 nothing happens, if I plug my ethernet cable into the router(I have a linksys hyprid) the internet works but my laptop won't detect any...
  36. B

    Vizio tv m470sl slow wireless internet if connection has security

    Tv: Vizio m470sl Router: Linksys WRT160N Using the Tv's built in speed test, without any wireless security I get about 2,000kb/s. When I add security be it WEP, WPA, WPA2 etc. The download rate drops to below 100, and makes things like netflix and pandora unusable. The router is running...
  37. G

    Best Wi-Fi Boosters 2014

    Need to extend your wireless signal? Here are three of the best Wi-Fi boosters available. Best Wi-Fi Boosters 2014 : Read more
  38. L

    is it possible? 2 different providers for internet & Tv cable?

    I have wireless internet from a local provider (HoodCanal) in my apt., I have it set up in my bedroom. Can I run cable TV from a different provider ( Comcast) in the living room? (I have 2 cable outlets). Without thinking and asking first, I recently ordered basic tv cable from Comcast and...
  39. S

    wireless internet connection windows ce

    I get DNS error when i try to connect internet on Augen netbook
  40. xXCowGoesWoofxx

    VirtualBox Wireless Internet?

    Hello, I currently have Oracle VirtualBox installed on my computer (Windows 7). The OS I have installed in VirtualBox is Windows 98. I would like to know if there is any way to get my Belkin USB WiFi Adapter (F91101v1) to work on Windows 98 in the VM?
  41. H

    Wireless Connection Problems on my laptop

    My Acer Aspire 5560G-7809 seems to have trouble connecting to wireless internet even with full bars on the connection. Unless I put the laptop right next to the router, the laptop doesn't connect to our wireless internet. I have tried connecting in various places including my university, home...
  42. computernewb

    Wireless internet or cord?

    which one is faster on a laptop? wireless internet or plugging in the cord? thanks!
  43. F

    Can a virus travel through Wireless internet?

    Hello ppl, I have a wireless connection to every computer in my house and one of my computers has a bad virus. Can the virus travel from one PC from another through my home wireless internet?
  44. K

    Wireless router help

    Hello, well I've been using someone else's wireless internet and yesterday they put a password on it. i have the password but it keeps saying limited connectivity and doesn't connect me to the internet. any way i can fix this?
  45. computernewb

    Sharing wirless internet

    hi. I have wireless internet at home. If i have a couple laptops and 2 desktop computers, and they are all downloading something, streaming videos, browsing web, etc, does that slow down the download speed compared to if i was just using 1 computer at a time? thanks! :)
  46. R

    Service in Canada

    Do you have wireless internet service and phone service (landline) in Canada?
  47. M

    My i phone wont connect to my broadband wifi

  48. T

    How to connect to wireless internet without service

    How to connect to the internet without service?
  49. T

    How to connect phone to internet

    Hello, i have wireless internet at home, but i cannot get wifi at home on my cell phone (to download apps, etc). i can connect at other unsecure sites ie :McDonald's. but when trying to connect at home, it scans my network but later reads "disabled, secured with WEP". How do I get on my home...
  50. B

    Atheros wireless internet adapter

    Hello, My laptop keeps losing internet connection for no reason, and when it does this, I have to open network center, disable the adapter then enable adapter to get a connection again. Has anybody else encounterd this problem?
  51. S

    Solved! Finding security key for wireless internet

    hi i have my computer and i use a wireless internet but the wireless internet is save in my computer and its save outomatically but every time that i start up my computer it ,womt connet it keep asking me for the network security key ,but i dont no what is the network security key are how to...
  52. C

    Solved! Finding security key for wireless internet

    I have 2WIRE732 internet access and amy truing to connect a wireless device to my TV. I got the WEP, and now they want a security ke. I need help
  53. P

    Solved! Laptop internet connection

    Hello, How do I get my laptop to connect to wireless internet from my Att U-verse. My main computer is working fine.
  54. G

    Energy-Saving LEDs Carry Broadband Internet

    One of Minnesotta's largest cities is about to shed some light on their wireless Internet. Energy-Saving LEDs Carry Broadband Internet : Read more
  55. G

    Road Runner Wireless Router

    Hello, I have RR Turbo now. How much and how do I add wireless internet if I get a laptop ?
  56. G

    I have no WEP password

    Hello, So, my mom did'nt write down her WEP when she got internet. Now I need it to connect a PS3 to the wireless internet. How do I find the WEP? Please I need help!
  57. G

    Solved! Why does my wireless internet disconnect when I try to download something?

    Hello, My wireless internet works fine if Iam just looking stuff up, reading e-mails or on e-bay etc but as soon as I try to download something, this time it was google earth, or watch something on you tube etc it just keeps disconnecting. Really annoying!
  58. G

    Whats wrong with my internet connection

    i have a wireless internet conncection, but no internet access.