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Laserdisc Database v1.00!


Current status (updated 2004-10-31)

There was no newsletter last month for two reasons: I was away on
business trip most of October and came back quite sick. I gave up
sending bits of updates for October to focus on the November update.
This time it's even slightly ahead since the update will be effective
from October, 31st instead of November, 1st.

Some stats since September, 9th:

Users 614 (+ 22.8%)
Titles 35910 (+ 1.10%)
IMDb (+ 5.42%)
Collections 34714 (+ 21.6%)
Wishlists 2379 (+ 30.9%)
Covers 2271 (+ 10.2%)

History for v1.00

o Shops are online! that means we left beta version and just reached

ALL ACTIVE SHOPS selling (currently 570 LDs)

My own shop

o Orders tracking was finalized (invoiced/paid/shipped/received

o Automated Emailing should be working

o Added "UPC/Barcode" Search

o Moved "User" Search to the User display

o Reformatted the "Active Shops" display

o Added a "Recently Sold" List

o And a lot of other tiny improvements...
Best regards,

Julien Admin


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Isnt the Clapton title OLD WHISTLE TEST?
If so you have a typo in your store


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On 31 Oct 2004, Julien Wilk wrote:

> Hello,
> Yes, it's the "Old Whistle Test" TV Program, but the LD Title is "On
> Whistle Test", don't ask me why!
> See:

I believe "The Old Grey Whistle Test" was shortened to "Whistle Test" and
therefore it's Eric Clapton on (The Old Grey) Whistle Test.


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