Ipad 3 as 2nd monitor for windows 7.


Sep 26, 2011
probably not the right place to ask about this but this is the closest I can find, I`ve recently sold one of my monitors ( sellers regret) and now using my Ipad 3 as a 2nd monitor to monitor temps,loads and watch talk shows while gaming, using splashtop streamer and splashtop app that I purchased for 5$ a while back, its doing a good job honestly but it has some lags, 25fps and uses wifi.
I have seen duet but I think it only works on macbook not windows pc, so my question is are there is an application that is similar to duet but on windows? that I can purchase off ios or something.
I would really appreciate it if somone who use in the same situation as I am help me out, since to be honest ipad as a 2nd monitor is pretty neat, and small enough to fit my desk, since I don`t use it for more than videos and monitoring buying another 2nd monitor is totally unjustified and uneeded.
thanks in advance.
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