iPad mini won't power on after LCD replacement

Brayan Gonzalez

Jun 11, 2014
I have an iPad mini that had a broken digitizer, I opened the mini removed LCD and digitizer and placed new digitizer and closed iPad up the mini powered on and touch worked fine but screen somehow damaged during disassembly so I bought a new LCD screen, I again opened the iPad mini removed old LCD and new digitizer and installed new LCD and digitizer, but before I sealed device I turned mini on to test the LCD however screen will not power on at all, I have no idea what caused this. Before removing the digitizer I obviously made sure the iPad was off . Right now I have the battery cable disconnected and am waiting 30 minutes before attempting to again power the unit on. I am seriously hoping that by some unreasonable ridiculously absurd stupid way that this is not motherboard failure or backlight coil failure however I aimed a light at unit while I pressed power button and did not see a thing normally on apple devices with dim screens due to coil failure you could still see a faint display however that is not the case here. Please any help would be very much appreciated