Is Asus ROG Spitfire necessary to get if I already have the Maximus VII Hero Supreme FX?


May 15, 2014
I heard that the ROG Spitfire on the Asus Orion Pro is just some sound card attachment or something but I am just asking if it is really necessary (or worth it) to pay double for the PRO version. The regular is about 75 CAD and the Pro is about 120 CAD. It might be less than that, but I'm asking how good or worth is the sound card?? Any experiences? Any recommendations? Any information on it? I don't want to pay more if I can see real worth in it. I feel like Supreme FX impact is gonna be enough but I want to be sure. I haven't actually built my new computer yet and I want new headphones so I need to make sure. I'm getting The Asus ROG Orion (Pro) only to match all my ROG gear. So any ideas or answers would help.

Thanks. :)
No, all ROG have superior sound FX already on the motherboard, and getting an attachment would be unnoticeable and not worth the moolah.