is it possible to use an external graphics card to upgrade my gpu on my DELL Inspiron 15 5000 series?

Aug 23, 2018
dell inspiron 15 5000 series
cannot run fortnight minimum graphics memory not met,
is this a solution, and is there any other solutions?
I am not tech savvy I have done a lot of research, but don't exactly understand everything, looking for some clarification on this topic.


Sep 8, 2015
You might be able, but it's not very practical financially.

First of all, you usually need either a thunderbolt port or type c port on your laptop (Looking at your specs, possibly a type C). This is usually $200-500 AUD, and then you still need a GPU. Even using a GTX1050 will overall be about $400-600AUD including the enclosure.
Using a GPU externally tends to result in some performance drop, most likely more apparent over type-C. Usually it's not too bad though.

Usually it's recommended you save up and buy a budget PC, as you will be spending a fair amount of money anyway and end up with better performance and upgradeability.
Nov 24, 2018
I have the same issues, i purchase this laptop thinking of using it for gaming and it can't run Fortnite even on the lower setting. I made a bunch of research and i find this:

* This Model Dell inspirion 15 5000 i5 core 1 Tb model doesn't have a thunderbolt adaptor so any commercial external GPU like the Razer Core X or the Alien ware Graphic improver it may not work at all and spend $499 to $899 to try is not a good business. You can try with the C type connection but i'm not pretty sure how the data transition drop will affect or if it is possible to use the C type port to connect an external GPU

* You can use an express card but that mean cut a hole in the laptop case to exit the cable for the GPU and also use the wifi card port which mean that you will not have wifi connection, i'm not sure if this model have two ports but most of dell laptop won't

My final conclusions are that this laptop is a Good laptop for multitask but suck hard at gaming. So you may need to think about this before purchasing a gaming laptop. Check for the graphic card even a I3 Core can handle some of the resent games, you may have an i5 core for prepossessing but the important thing on game today are the graphics
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