Is my motherboard/laptop dead ?

Stephen 101

Dec 11, 2014
Hi guys, so I think I fried my motherboard? Or at least some circuits or something. So here are the problems:

I've accidentally unplugged my laptop from the psu charger (without the battery connected) and it immediately shut down. When I tried turning it back on it wouldn't start. So I tried the battery reset thing that I read on these forums (no battery no charger, pressing the power button for like a minute) and after that it started again. But its still not working properly.

The fans are going on max speed all the time now, the network card is gone from devices manager and cant use internet, keyboard is not working. I tried a system restore it didnt work, still same problems, and I also tried installing the network driver with a driver I downloaded on my phone and then copied to the laptop..that didn't work also. My bios is pretty limited I have no fans option or anything else there.

Any suggestions would ve really appreciated.