Is the AMD A8-4500M 2 1 GHz the same speed as the i7


Aug 26, 2012
What intel core speed is the AMD A8-4500 equal to?
If you had a choice - which one of these two laptops would be better for a 7th grader: the HP Envy6 or the HP Pavilion dv6-7010us?
Thank you so much!


I would say that an A8-4500 running at 2.8GHz would be about equal to an Intel mobile CPU running at 2.2GHz - 2.3GHz, but that's a rough estimate. Individual tasks can vary though. The A8-4500 is a quad core CPU while most mobile Intel CPUs that would compete with the A8-4500 on price would be dual core CPUs.

If you were to use the laptop for video encoding which can take advantage of 4 cores (depending on the program and video codec), then I would say it would be just a little slower than a Core i5-2410m running at 2.7GHz. Otherwise, the A8-4500m would be about equal to the 2.2GHz Core i3-2330m CPU.

A 7th grader would mean a child of about 11 years old (+/- 1 year) so I recommend a light laptop if he/she will be carrying it around with him/her. Therefore, I would go with the HP Envy Sleekbook 6z which weighs in at about 4.75lbs compared to about 5.5lbs for the HP Pavilion dv6-7010us. But 4.75lbs is still a bit heavy for a 7th grader to carry around in my opinion.

The HP Envy Sleekbook 6z comes with a dual core A6-4455m which should be more than enough for a 7th grader to do homework, surf the net, and watch movies. It's modest integrated Radeon HD 7500g graphic core is good enough to play some games with a mix of low/medium quality settings on a 1366x768 resolution screen.


Although a bit more expensive than what you may want to spend, I would actually recommend something like the SAMSUNG Series 5 NP535U3C-A01US for $700. It weighs in at about 3.4lbs so it is much lighter than the HP Envy Sleekbook 6z (4.75lbs).

It does have a smaller 13.3" screen though compared to the HP's 14" screen, but I would say that is a small sacrifice in comparison to the weight savings. Everything else is more or less the same compared to the HP... other than the extra $100 price tag.
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