Is there a way to install games directly to an SD card on my phone?

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Jun 19, 2014
My phone's internal memory is a measly 1GB and there's only really space for a few contacts. I'd like to download more apps to my much larger 32GB microSD card, but I could not find an option for this in the app store or android settings menu. Is there even a way to install apps directly to an SD card in such a fashion that would not require me to have more internal memory, and just transfer it over afterward?

TL;DR- My phone's storage is tiny. My SD storage is not. I need games and apps installed directly to the SD card. How?

Phillip Corcoran

You can't install apps & games to the memory card.

You may configure an app (after installation) to save some of the data to the memory card (eg the word database of a dictionary app) but the app itself must be installed on the phone's built-in storage.

Go through the apps and delete any you don't use.


Sep 7, 2015
i was using huawei and installed Honeydayblitz 2, candycrush and zombie tsunami on my phone, I did got into the storage then my default location is the SD Card. That's what I did though.


Aug 3, 2013
Yes. There seems to be a way to install most of the data of (some) software such as games, on to either external sd or internal memory, instead of hogging up phone memory. One program is on the google app store called 'directory bind' but I do not know if it works. It makes the phone think the game data is still on the phone, when it is not. There have been apps before that claim they do something similar. I do not know if it works. If it does work, Google and system apps are unlikely to be able to be moved, but games should be fine.

I believe you might need to root your phone in some cases (so you can give such a program admin capabilities to do what it needs to do). This arguably makes your phone less secure when you are installing programs in which the developer may not be well known or trusted, but it is up to you whether you wish to take that risk. For the program I mention it has many 1 star and 5 star reviews, so whether it works or not likely comes down to your phone's android operating system, or phone model. Some phones may work with it, some may not.

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