Is this a good deal? 4th gen i3, backlit keyboard,touch,9hour battery, $500


Mar 6, 2013
Hello, im looking for a laptop for the girlfriend. She wants to try touch and a decent battery since we are college students on the move alot. I have a budget tops of $600. Most of the laptops i looked for miss some big part of something i want like backlit keyboard and good battery which i understand is hard to find at a low price point but i found a Dell Inspiron that has the following
Haswell i3
4 gb Ram
500 gb hdd
Backlit keyboard
9 hour battery life
Plus its pretty attractive. Only things i dont like is that its 5lbs so a bit on the heavier side and ive heard not so great things about dell products. Ram,hdd,cpu is not that important since she wont be using it to its full potential. But it costs 500 dollars so i was wondering if this is a good deal? I love the long batery life