Issue with all gaming mouse with Asus rog G751JL 17in

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Sep 15, 2016
Ok please bare with me on this one. Im having issues with getting any gaming mouse to aim correct on this laptop. In CoD Blops3 lets use example of a dot on the wall. On my normal Desktop rig or any other computer i can turn around and aim at that dot perfect. But on the laptop if i try to aim at the dot my aim will jump/slide and feel off. I will end up aiming at that dot but by that time in game im already dead. Anyone who uses a mouse for years will knows the off im talking about just doesn't feel right.

Mouse's i use. Logitech g303 & Logitech g100s I have 2 each. Also Black-web gaming mouse just for testing (2). DPI 800. Im on windows 10 pro

What i have tried: I have installed latest software for graphics drivers. Lowered graphics and even went down to 720p to make sure FPS wasn't a issue. I have checked and made sure no mouse acceleration was on both Logitech software and in windows mouse config. Im on windows 10 and i have cleaned installed twice. Installed drivers and tried with only game. Issue is still there.

This is only pc i ever had this issue on and im starting to think there is motherboard hardware issue. I tested with 3 Macs 13in 15in and mac mini. My main rig titan x and i7-4790k. and my kids amd a6 computer aim is fine with all these pcs.

Any suggestions would be very helpful. If not i will just have to get rid of this laptop. ty
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