Jack plug broken and speakers wont work


Dec 1, 2014
I got a problem here. The thing is my i broke my headphones jack plug, so my laptop thought the headphones were connected. I tried removing the piece that was left inside, but that didn't work out at all, so now my jack port is messed up. I can live with that, but my laptop wont play through my speakers. It might be that they are playing through the speakers, but they are broken as well. The only way i am able to get sound out of my laptop is by using a HDMI and plug it to a TV. Anyone who knows how i might be able to get sound out of my speakers again? and if you do know please try to keep it pretty simple
Thanks in advance.
It might be simpler ways, but the only one I see is using a small drill machine for "cleaning" the connector, unless disassembling the laptop and replacing it.


Apr 16, 2013
Have you tried changing any of the settings in the control panel in regards to the sound? You can probably shift the focus off the headphone jack and back onto your laptop speakers. There should be a way in the control panel, or also from the sound icon down bottom right. Instead of using headphones as the source, you can select the computer speakers instead. Also, maybe disabling the headphone jack from the settings or device manager might work as well. Have you tried any of these things? Do you need more instruction? What is the model number of this computer?