JBL ESC300 Subwoofer to Vizio S4251w-b4 Soundbar


Sep 12, 2017
Happy New Year All,

I'm going to preface this with, I like to pick up used electronics from thrift stores and re-purpose them for myself or gift them.

I recently picked a Vizion S4251W-B4 soundbar, the subwoofer and satellite speakers were not included.

I added that to my TV for awhile, and enjoyed it. Much better than TV's speakers.

I came across a JBL ESC300 subwoofer (i'll include pictures of I/O)


I'd like to find a way to use these. Currently have it setup like this:
TV->Optical->Soundbar and TV->1/8" headphone to RCA->Subwoofer
It sounds OK

Is there a way I can use the bluetooth pairing of the soundbar to connect to a bluetooth receiver and connect that to the subwoofer?