Keep or return the Klipsch QUINTET 5.0 Speaker System ?


Mar 24, 2012
Any reason I should not return these ?

I jumped and bought them for $199.99. I know I could probably resell them, but that is more of a hassle than I want.

I really think these will be too much. I have a Polk PSW10 connected to my TV and it really sounds good with movies, sports games. I just added the sub and it gives me the bass that I needed. I was thinking of buying a receiver with the $199 I get refunded and connecting two Sony SS-MB150H speakers I already have and try them out.

Like I said my TV sounds fine to me, but feel I am missing out without a home theater. I cant open the box of the Klipschs to see what difference they would make - because I then could not return them, plus I have no receiver yet.

Will I be missing out if I return the Klipsch QUINTET 5.0 Speaker System ?

The only problem I find with my TV speakers is that during alot of movies I have to turn down and then turn up the volume. During dialogue I have to turn it up because you cant hear what is being said then when some action starts I have to turn it down because it is too loud. Would a receiver and my Sony bookshelf speakers take care of that ?

My apartment living room is 12' x 16' plus the walls are paper thin.

i personally use the following equipment:

pioneer vsx-30 receiver
klipsch quintet IV 5.0 set
klipsch 450w subwoofer

of course i ended up paying the full $500+ retail value on the 5.0 set. i dont regret the choice at all. they are extremely well built and sound great.

i can say that if you managed to pick up one of the later generation models (i'd say generation 3, 4 or 5) for only $199 then i would say keep them. your choice though. there are plenty of good speaker systems out there and each person has their own idea of what sounds good to them.