keyboard random keys, usb ok on-screen ok


May 14, 2016
I removed keyboard and drivers, updated drivers, half keys work ok. rebooting computer sometimes helps. usb keyboard and on-screen keyboard works ok. I'm using a Dell xps 1530 with window 10. Sometimes a few keys will return numbers instead of letters. Each time some keys will work and other times they won't respond. Is it a faulty laptop keyboard, connection, or controller?

It's seems like it's definitely the keyboard that is faulty already and replacing it would be the only solution.
- Try connecting an external USB keyboard and see if it will work normally or not.
- If the OnScreen keyboard is working normally that could only mean that it's just the built in keyboard is faulty.
- Before replacing the keyboard, do try opening the laptop and check the ribbon cable that connects the keyboard to the motherboard.
- Unplug then plug it back in and see if it will work or not.

Here's a replacement keyboard for your laptop: