Keys not working on laptop during installation


Jul 27, 2015
I bought an Asus laptop and tried to install Windows 8 on it from CD and everything went perfectly well until I got to the point where I was asked which drive I want it to be installed on and there I got the following warning message: 'windows cannot be installed to disk 0 partition 1' (it appeared at partition 2 as well) because the partition should be an NTFS one. I managed to find the following solution to that problem on a forum:

1. Boot up to installation DVD/CD.
2. Click install but don't follow through.
3. Press SHIFT-F10 to bring up console.
4. Type "diskpart"
5. Once inside diskpart type:
-> list disk (find the one you want to convert)
-> select disk 0 (select the one you want from the list)
-> clean (wait an hour or so until its done)
-> quit
6. Continue with install

My main problem is that when I get to the fifth step, I can't type the required words because some keys (e, g, h) just don't work. Someone told me the problem can be with just the FreeDOS, but if so, I doubt I can solve it with the Windows not being installed.

Should I take my laptop to an expert to fix it for me or should I just go with the other option and try delete both drives and create new ones? Or is there any other possible solution?
I would appreciate every little help since it's my first try at installing an operation system and I'm not really good at tech stuff.


Jul 27, 2015

Thanks for the answer, I have installed Windows successfully. However, the keys I mentioned aforehead are still not working, it seems to be a manufacturing problem so I'm taking it to the service to have it replaced.
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