klipsch R-10SW or Bic America F12


Jul 22, 2013
im currently looking for a new subwoofer. my budget is about $300. ive seen the klipsch r-10sw at best buy but there arent many reviews for it online. for the bic america f12 alot of people like it and say its a really good subwoofer for the price. the klipsch normally goes for $349 but its on sale for $249 and as for the bic its currently at $188. as for the specs it does seem like the bic is better but the only difference i see is the sensitivity which bic is at 90db and the klipsch is at 112, can anyone help me more with making a decision? i know there are way better subs out there but my budget is around $300. ive heard lots of good things from the bic pl200 as well...