Laptop battery stopped working after dissasembly (New laptop)


Sep 28, 2014
Hi everyone
I have an Asus RoG G551JW laptop

I bought it new and played some games on it and after a year I was unhapy about the high temps so I decided to change the thermal paste.

I changed the paste and put it back together but battery no longer works...
I tried holding the power button for 30sc and unpluging it from the wall, also tried to delete the device and enable it again. (shortly, I did all of the solutions on the internet about dead batteries except the "Put it in the freezer" one)
Since then I have reasembled it multiple times checked thoroughly all connections, cables etc...
sometimes it shows 0% battery and sometimes it says no baterry detected.

Battery LED light is blinking very fast and the laptop won do anything without a battery.
I cant return it to the shop, its a long story.
I have disasembled multiple laptops before and have a lot of experience with PC's

any answer/thought is welcome :)
Nov 19, 2018

Yeah I've been having the same issue, cannot find a workaround to this. Got a new battery and it still doesn't work! I will keep you posted if I find something
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