Laptop black screen HP pavilion dv6


Feb 15, 2013
Hello TH community,

Today I decided to repair a laptop I had previously repaired. So lets start from the beginning. The laptop was first overheated and had a defect CMOS. The problem was that the fan was not connected, this I reconnected and applied new coolpaste to the processor and such. I also replaced the CMOS. After this the computer worked all good for 1-2 weeks. Yesterday when I shut down my laptop and decided to start it up after 1 hr again it gave me the black screen, with the fan running. I took out each RAM sick one by one and tried starting it up, didnt work. I tried to connect it to an external monitor, didnt give signal. Tried resetting the power, didnt work. So I opened my laptop and removed the old coolpaste because I saw that I placed a bit too much. And applied new one. This took about 2 hrs. I tried booting it again and it didnt work.

So then I desperately tried removing the battery and power cable. I held the power button for 60 seconds, put the cable in (not the battery) and tried starting it up. IT STARTED.

But whenever I shut down my laptop and place the battery in and try to start the laptop it gives me again the black screen. When I do the 60 seconds procedure it boots again.

What can I do to make this a permanent fix?

Thanks in advance.

model: hp pavilion dv6 Notebook PC


You might check the CMOS battery to ensure it is at 3V, sometimes that battery going bad can have funky effects on the laptop. If it's not at 3V replace it and see where you get. While inside look over the motherboard real good for any burnt areas or leaky/swollen capacitors.
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