Laptop bluetooth function disappeared



Recently my asus laptop's blutooth function has disappeared despite me remembering exactly where it was it has dissappeared suddenly about 3 months ago. It is being categorized under devices and it even says bluetooth but when i open up devices in setting its not there i cant use bluetooth at all on my computer now im using an asus S550CM with windows 10 home 64 bit
What changes were made to the computer just before it disappeared? Was anything new installed or updated? If so that may be the culprit.

You can try uninstalling what ever was added (if anything was) or also changing the system back to a prior restore point. One before the problem occurred.

Options other than these can get complicated, so best to start with the easy stuff. :)



im not exactly sure when i lost the bluetooth function but it was when my freind came over to my house to play some games but he only had a ps4 controller so i googled online and using something call ds4windows will trick my computer into thinking that it was an xbox controller so we tried using bluetooth to connect but it was gone so i just deleted it like you said but there's still no bluetooth
Jan 23, 2019
I know this is an old thread but this might help someone.
I had the same problem after installing scptoolkit, a program that also emulates an xbox controller. Apparently the program force installed drivers that didn't work. Depending on the program the solution might not be the exact solution, but you maybe can use the general instructions.

This is how I fixed it:
1. Open scptoolkit settings manager (you can just press the windows key and type scp).
2. Under the "service settings" tab, uncheck "force Bluetooth driver installation".
3. Open windows device manager.
4. Activate "show hidden devices"
5. Look for "libusbK". There you can see which drivers scptoolkit have installed.
6. In libusbK is the Bluetooth device (in my case it is a intel Bluetooth device).
7. Click on update the Bluetooth driver and restart your computer.
8. Done!

I hope this will be helpful for someone with this problem.

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