Laptop connected to router not getting internet, but other devices connected does

Jun 1, 2018
The title might be broad and confusing in relation to the problem. Because couldn't think of a better one.
Here goes- my laptop is connected to router which also shows(connected, secured) unlike other threads where it was (No Internet Access). Other devices are also connected to it which works just fine. But whenever I try to access the internet it shows "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NO_INTERNET"
I tried connecting to other routers and it works pretty well with those. So I'm guessing the laptop or hardware might not have any problem. It was working with my router yesterday just fine. Don't know what might have happened. Any suggestions, guys?

NB: sorry for bad English/grammar

It is possible that the router/modem needs to be reset. If it had an issue and all were momentarily disconnected, your device could have trouble reconnecting. It happens. If resetting it doesn't help, try forgetting the info on the laptop, restart the laptop and then try inputting the info for the connection again.
Jun 1, 2018

tried resetting the router. still not connecting to the internet. mobile and tablets are working fine with router. tried reinstalling drivers nothing happened

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