Laptop for College Recommendations?


Jul 27, 2013

3 months back I created a gaming PC with specifications recommendations from here, huge thanks! Now I'm entering College and I need a Laptop but my budget has been depleted due to creating the PC.

So I'm looking for 2 laptops, one for a friend and one for myself.

The one I need is something that has a long battery life, a decent processor(atleast 1.5GHz?) and a 200-500GB storage. Expensive graphic card is not needed since I have my desktop to play games with though if there's a decent one that fits the budget that would be a great bonus. And preferably a 15inch though smaller size doesn't matter if the price difference is great. Budget is strongly preferable to be around 300$ but I think I can go a little higher.

The other one is for a friend looking for a laptop that he intends to play mid games with such as PES or FIFA. His budget is 600$ but I think he can go higher to about 650$-700$ if the laptop fits just right. Something that he needs is at least 1GB video card ram, i5-i7 with over 2.5GHz speed, 4GB RAM and a 500GB+ Storage. Mid-size is preferable, I'm guessing 16-inch max.

Oh, and something that should be kept in mind is that I live in Indonesia atm, and I'm guessing it will be almost impossible to find rare brands such as Sager here.

Thank's for reading and looking forward to your recommendations! Cheers

I've done a bit of researching, here's the the best I can find, do you think it's worth the price? Updating again soon = 600$~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ = 250$~ = 275$~