Laptop for me?


Aug 20, 2013
Hey everyone.

I am looking for a laptop for school (not a mac). My budget is $1200 but I think I can find a suitable laptop for me for less than $800. I need a laptop that does all the basics with ease (email, web browsing, word processing) and also capable of doing other more intensive things (casual gaming, *medium settings fine*, watching movies etc).

The laptop I found is an Asus laptop (my favourite and IMO most reliable brand along with Lenovo thinkpad series)

8 gb RAM
nVIDIA GT 740m
i5 3337u (1.8 clockspeed -_-)
14.1 inch screen
win 8 x64
Hdd 750gb

The processor speed is the only thing holding me back and I think this is a suitable one for me as it is also only 699$

Another alternative is a 15.6 inch sony with similar specs


only difference is really the larger screen and 250gb HDD space added (HDD irrelevant to me as I only need 500gb)

Any ideas? Do you think the first laptop is a good deal for $699? Thanks