Laptop GPU upgrade done, unable to update drivers (MSI GT70 0NE from GTX 675M to GTX 880M)


Jul 4, 2015
Hey there, this is my first time posting to the forums, but I just need help with this problem that has been giving me a huge headache for the last 2 days. I've spent about 16 hours trying to work on this problem already, and I am a computer competent person, so this is giving me a lot of grief. So, without any further delay I will overview the situation, and then the steps that I've already tried:

I have an MSI GT70 0NE with a GTX 675M graphics card that I got a few years ago, and recently it just wasn't holding up with new games, so I decided that I was going to upgrade it. I know there is tons of hate for laptop upgrading, and everyone says that you are better off getting a new laptop altogether, due to the possibility of a lot of GPUs not being able to fit or whatever, but it was actually very easy to replace in this case and fits perfectly. I replaced the card, thermal pasted it, etc, then decided to turn it on and check out what was going to happen. I went to the Device Manager, and it properly said GTX 880M in the Display Adapter area, so it seemed that all was going well. Then I opened my GeForce Experience, which reported the same exact info as when I had my 675M in, so I decided to search online for answers.

I found online that it is necessary to uninstall my old drivers before installing my current ones (and generally it said that I should have done it before physically replacing the GPUs, which I didnt do). I went and got the Guru3d Display Driver Uninstaller, ran it, and uninstalled previous drivers, and deleted all of the NVIDIA and NVIDIA Corporation folders that was advised in guide after guide posted on forums everywhere. I then went to the NVidia drivers download page, searched for the 880M drivers, and downloaded the newest one (353.30), and ran it. Initially it had the problem "Graphics Driver could not find compatible graphics hardware", and solved that after a little bit thanks to this guide:

That is no longer a problem. I then went forward in the process, and now the problem when it tries to install the new graphics driver "Nvidia Installer failed". it tells me that it was going to install driver version 353.30, and that my current version was none. I have tried every combination of methods described in a multitude of guides, and NOTHING works. Some guides that I tried:

Now my question is, am I missing something? compatibility with my BIOS? update my BIOS? I've seen some suggestions to that, but if anyone has any experience with this kind of thing, or any suggestions, please help me out with this, I would be very appreciative.
Yeah, the first thing I thought of when I started reading your post was possibly needing different/updated BIOS. Maybe see if you can find someone with the same laptop with the 880m, and ask what version BIOS they are using. But I'm no help beyond that thought. Sorry. :(

Good luck!


Mar 22, 2016
wmalone10 what about sending me your old GTX 675M :D I have almost the same laptop and recently my GTX675MX died :(


Oct 11, 2015
Dear wmalone10!!!

Im in hurry to help you out alot.

1st. you shuldt bother with any of guides that you linked up. Drivers are easy updated as soon as you update bios.
2. The main problem that MSI do not have updated bios drivers for GT70 0ne, because it is rly painfull for their economic if you will upgrade you laptoop instead of buying new one. SO... here come the 3rd part.

3. My problem was a little different story,
You see, my gtx680 was fine by me. smthing near ultra high seting almoust all games. was ok.
but once upon a time it ceashed damaged and gone mad .... SO i had to search fo answeras how to replace it. coz i had acces only to 256 MB of vRam instead of 4 GB.! f** sake.

And then i though If i have to replace that anyway, why dont i install something better anyways!?
An i found smthing rly cool. HONESTLY I didnt tryed it out yet. Coz my new card havent arrived to me by post yet.

But i ordered gtx 880m/ and this story

here 1 Dude upgraded next gen GT70 with 990M/.
(as far as i understood, he just added IDs of new all gen cards and their tech specs to bios file. nothing more)

but. i downloaded this bios,. and i think it will work fine, Coz he did all the job with moding Bios file,

But he warned that some laptops thinks that its GT60, not Gt70. (nothing rly bad to perfomance, it all the same )

i hope i helped you a bit. But to be sure on 100% ill try to find Moded Bios exatcly for GT70 0ne with win 8, to gtx 880m. For myself., as i dont like incorect info, (like gt60 ids) even if its nothing wrong to perfomance, i dont like this.

P.S. DEAR Haters of laptop upgrade!
You are scums and undercoverd agents of Alienware. You can do me a edited by ffg7, because
If i buy Gaming Laptoop of Extra class, around $2500, i will do ANYTHING i want to it!

This is my Constitutional right of free will! Get over with it!
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