Laptop LCD hooked to another system?


Jul 18, 2009

I realize laptop LCDs are driven by inverters, and that some of the power supply components may be located on the laptop's motherboard. But of the six Dell laptops that I have here in pieces, all of them use the same type of connector (two different ones, but each uses one or the other).

The laptops are mostly junk... Bad MBs or just old (PIII, P4), but the screens are in perfect shape on all of them, and can be driven at very high resolutions (1600x1200 on three of them).

I'm in the middle of putting together an electronic picture frame project, hopefully using the Raspberry pi.

I'm curious if there is any way to build/buy an adapter that will allow a "standard" (if there is such a thing) laptop LCD panel using a PC/pi/whatever (anything other than the original laptop)?

I've cross mingled a few screens and laptops, and I can get each laptop to drive the screen from another. So I know there's a standard here somewhere.

Any way to reuse these old laptop LCDs? Seems a shame to just toss them since they're all in great shape.


Jan 2, 2011
I have to imagine that it is going to be very difficult to find a way to hook laptop screens up to HDMI, if it's even possible (don't hold your breath). However, I would love to be proven wrong. If you don't have any other use for them I am sure they would sell well on ebay.



But as I know it is possible to find a way to hook laptop screens to HDMI if the screen is compatible with this kit .