Laptop (Lenovo Y50, 860m) simply refuses to use dedicated card no matter what?


Sep 3, 2013
Okay I've been working on this laptop for about for hours now and now its almost 3 in the morning and I'm about to throw this laptop out the window.

I did a fresh install of Win8.1 and downloaded GeForce Experience and the 344.11 drivers on a 512gb SSD. My games now refuse to run on dedicated graphics. Battery power management is set to high performance. Going into NVidia control panel, I change the main GPU to NVidia but it keeps changing it back after exit. Same goes for just changing one program (ie BF3.exe).

Okay then. I uninstalled the drivers (and everything else NVidia related) and deleted the folders associated with the drivers (THRICE mind you). I used the drivers from Lenovo (version 332.50). I restarted the system multiple times, but that didn't work. I then upgraded the 332.50 to the current version (344.11) and the problem persists (so I just went in a complete circle)

To show you what I mean, I get less than 5 frames ON THE LOADING SCREEN of BF3/4. Many times the game just freezes up after that. Using MSI AfterBurner and GPU-Z, I see that the 860m is idle. The laptop is plugged in throughout my tests

Now, very rarely will the laptop decide to use the 860m. I don't know how I triggered it. I've tried everything.

Please someone save my sanity and help me out here. I didn't spend 1.3k on a laptop to get this. Thanks.


Oct 16, 2014
Hello today i had the same issue. If i run Render.DrapFPS 1 i see at the campaing 140fps at the starting videos but at the loading screen and in the game i get 5fps (same for multiplayer) also when i play counter strike go i get stuttering in game: it's not like a gt860m wouldn't be able to handle it i guess. And yes i also did a clean install only not on a SSD.