Laptop not turning on, LED lights responding though:


May 8, 2016
Gday guys and thanks for reading, my Gigabyte P15W gaming laptop decided it didn't want to turn on anymore, one day fine, next day dead. I've contacted a repair company but they have quotes $350+ for the fix, first I'll list the specs, then what I've tried.

specs: 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-4710MQ Processor(2.5-3.5GHz)
GTX 850M
16GB ram
120 GB SSD (that I put in after buying it) Windows 7 (upgraded from the original 8)

What I've tried:
Removing the battery and charger and holding the off button for a minute, then placing the battery back in and the charger.
replacing the CMOS battery on the MOBO
Using a seperate charger in a different wall plug
cleaning the charger port with a cloth (not wet)
removing the battery and charger for a few hours and then trying again.

Here is a picture of the two LED's that are active: ---- when I press the power button, the first LED (the flashing light bulb) flashes green for a second before reverting to orange

Thanks for reading guys, any help would be massively appreciated!


Please do try these troubleshooting steps that may help in solving the issue.
- Start by doing a hard reboot, remove the battery and unplug the AC adapter then press and hold the power button for 20 seconds then try booting it up again.
- If this will not work, do test the AC adapter if it's working properly. Remove the battery and power the laptop with just the AC adapter connected and see if it will boot up or not. do also try a different AC adapter that has the same voltage and see if it will work or not.
- Proceed with reseating the RAM's if trying a different AC adapter will not work, remove them all for couple of seconds then put them back in making sure everything is seated properly.
- If it will still not work, connect an external monitor and see if you'll get any display from it. If there's a display on the external monitor that could mean that the problem is the built in display.
- But if there's still no display on the external monitor that means the problem lies in the motherboard.
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