Laptop overheating & shutting off


Jun 19, 2017
Hi all,

My laptop seems to have developed a problem over the last couple of days..I currently have it on its side, the air vent on left exposed to allow ventilation

I have installed CPUID hardware monitor and it seems my Intel Core temperatures are way too high.

All I have running on my PC are 7 open browser pages (Chrome), a data transfer of 2GB from laptop hard drive to external hard drive, and one page "Sticky notes" open

The temperatures are as follows for my Acer inspire laptop

Core 0 Value 83 Min 61 Max 91
Core 1 Value 81 Min 62 Max 94
Core 2 Value 85 Min 63 Max 95
Core 3 Value 81 Min 64 Max 92

Package Value 86 Min 64 Max 96

WDC Temperatures assembly
Value 47 Min 46 Max 47

I have never opened it to dust it.

Thanks in advance


Jun 10, 2017
1. I would switch it off immediately to prevent hardware damage.
2. Next open it check for dust, clean, clean fan also,apply thermal paste on CPU and GPU.
3. Then you want use malwarebytes, update and scan, if you don't have it then download it from them only, if you have trouble installing it then its red flag for serious malware / virus infection. Download RKILL, run it and leave it running then install malwarebytes as malware infections are preventing its install which RKILL will solve by blocking virus activity. Run a scan and quarantine.
4. Update antivirus and scan, note if during initial malwarebytes scan if any infections found may suddenly kick your antivirus into action trying remove infection kicked up by malwarebytes, in this case close the warnings window of the antivirus and let malwarebytes quarantine those infection after it completed its scan you don't want these softwares actively cleaning the same virus simultaneously as it will cause corrupted files.

5. After running both malwarebytes and antivirus separately ie. Scan with one, clean infections, reboot, then run the other, clean and reboot.

6. Now check temps again.

7. If temps are bad then your thermal paste need redoing.

8. If temps are good now run a chkdsk to check and repair any windows files. (I assume virus infections or dust and degraded thermal paste are the cause or both scenarios are actively heating up your PC.


I am sure it is dust buildup. Or you can check the programs you have running to see if there is anything that is unusual. Or check the installed programs to see if windows has installed something that you didn't know about.


Jun 19, 2017



Jun 19, 2017
Hi zer0c007,

Many thanks for your detailed response. Apologies for the delay but, not being a PC expert, have been working my way through your kind suggestions.

I opened it, and hoovered it.

Malawarebytes downloaded with no issue at all (so fortunately no red flags there) and therefore no need to install RKILL. I ran malawarebytes, then my AVG anti virus, scanning and rebooting at each stage.

Temperatures are 58-60 degs with Google chrome open with 13 tabs, and 2 sticky notes pages.

Presume this is too high.

I ordered some Artic MX-4 paste, which arrived a couple of days ago - hence my delayed response as I've been trying to work your your suggestions.

Applying the Arctic thermal paste to the GPU and CPU - I have been trawling youtube for videos on how to do this as it was at this stage I hit a road block.

Is this the best video for such?

Change Thermal Paste Notebook Replace Cleaning fan on Laptop

A tad daunting this last part truth be told...

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