Question Laptop random freeze

Nov 21, 2019
Hi. So I have a Lenovo y700. Runs smoothly and all and there weren't major problems (except for some minor crashes once or twice). Unfortunately, for the last week or so, I have been noticing an increased incidence of a unique form of freezing (I dunno if that is accurate to describe my situation). I will be using my laptop, and all of a sudden, the laptop basically goes dead. By dead, I mean, whatever was there keeps on playing. For example, if I was watching a video or smth like that, the sound keeps playing, but everything else is completely unresponsive. The keyboard, trackpad, and the screen. I tried opening the task manager too, but obviously, it wouldn't budge. This is a completely new problem and even if my laptop had some errors, there would be a BSOD message and the problem would clear up. I long-press the power button and force it to shut down and then restart it again. It works fine after that, but sometime later the problem pops up again. So my main concerns are:
  1. I sometimes use the laptop throughout the night. I usually watch a movie as I fall asleep, and forget to shut down. So either it goes to sleep on its own due to inactivity or on a rare instance (just once), I woke up to the laptop running.
  2. I had recently installed some software that would enable my laptop to run 4K movies (just wanted to try; it didn't work though) and it involved some registry editing. I had checked and the software was apparently not a virus or the like.
So these are basically the only changes that have occurred on my laptop in the recent past. Do you guys think that either of these is responsible?
Can anybody help me clear up this issue?

P.S: I read a related thread on a Lenovo laptop and I tried both with power and on battery. The problem seems to occur irrespective of the power supply in my case.
It sounds like you have something that is using up your resources and that can cause this.

If you don't actually power down/reboot the laptop regularly then you don't actually get back all the resources you use. So try doing that to see if the issue is resolved. Not sleep or hibernate, actually turned off and restarted.

Next check the computer thoroughly for both viruses and malware. Just because one thing doesn't seem like either doesn't mean that it wasn't or didn't add something else to the computer.

Should that not help, or only help for a while, then I would look at what is automatically running in the background. This can be done by going to "Start" and in the search box type "msconfig" (without the quotes). Go to the "Startup" tab and look for things that are automatically starting up while Windows is loading. Just be seriously careful as to what you change in there as you can cause yourself more problems.
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