Laptop recommendations (£500 with a possibility £550)


Jul 30, 2009
Iv returned my Samsung NP355V5C which i was lucky enough to get for £400.
im trying to decide what to do next either replace with something else or just use my old laptop / desktop.

My old laptop (philips freevents x59) is driving me nuts, so i was wondering what alternatives were out there for that price point, as this may help me decide what to do next? Would i even be able get the same spec and performance as the samsung for £400? or would i have to up to £500-£600? for the same sort of spec?

At the moment i basically do sod all on a laptop, but i do like to game when i need to (when im away from my home desktop) right now ideally my accepted specs are pretty much the same as the Samsung, comment in brackets mean it could be lowered for price / performance or to allow the main 3 components to be better).

s size: 15" (not set in stone could potentially lower but perfer not to)
CPU: iv been outa the loop too long to even have a brand preference! same "min" performance as the sammy)
RAM: 8GB (preferably DDR3 but i guess for DDR3 i could drop to 6GB if it was the only way to come in budget)
HDD: 1TB (again its what i prefer but if i HAD to i could drop to 500GB)
GPU: it looks like for my price point the dual gpu types (APUs are they called?) are the only choice i have, are there any who dont have a heart problem? or are at least suitably cooled?
OS: for the love of god Windows 7, although at my low price point it looks like im forced to deal with Windows 8 then i have no choice really!
it will need to last me about 2 maybe 3 years.
im in the UK.

do i need to list my gaming list? i feel its maybe pointless given my budget?

i prefer (i.e. them not a seller on amazon), but other locations i am open to.


Sep 8, 2013
laptops don't game well hard to get that much power out of them use game booster when you game for them and make sure it can do 1920 1080p native on a dvi or has a hdmi that way you can watch pure hdtv if you hook it up to a tv for that blu ray play hope this helps if it did give me a good review :)