Laptop replacing desktop feedback

Jul 2, 2018
I have a question about replacing my old desktop with a new laptop.

I just want a desktop because I do travle 2months every year too my GF and want too be able too bring my pc with me, but wheight is a non issue, but cooling is very important.

I have been looking at a custom asus rog703 from hidevolution with a gtx1070, 48gig 2666mhz ram, 1x 256gig ssd, 1x 2tb sshd and extra cooling pads and better thermal paste. The price lands around 3100usd, a lot but it's fine as I want too keep it for 3-5years.

I will use 2x external monitors(2k) and not really use the built in screen, use a external mouse and keyboard, if this is possible.

It also has thunderbolt 3 so I'm hoping I can just get a eGPU in 2 years too stay up too date.

Would this laptop be a good replacement for a desktop? Is there another model you would recomand instead? If so, why?
Jul 2, 2018
The rog is just above 3k dollars. That's also the rough budget I would have if I where too get a new desktop or any other laptop.
Jun 13, 2018
Don’t order from HIDevolution. They’re terrible. I had a computer that had BSOD’s straight out of the box. I then deployed to Korea and had to deal with the issues and tech support for a year. Finally sent it back to them and they couldn’t find anything wrong. I’m talking multiple BSOD’s in a couple hour time frame.

Finally fed up I tried to rma it. No luck because I was 5 months past warranty, even though it was complete trash since I got it.

I finally started really digging in to the bsod code lines and realizing they often included the ntoskrnl.exe crash which is usually ram. Did some reasearch and figured it out.

So it was an easier fix that I thought. I replaced the ram. Runs like a champ now.

When I had it built I selected the fastest ram they had available thinking all the ram they would offer for my build would be compatible. Turns out that wasn’t the case. The specs for the i7-6820hk show that 2133mhz is the fastest compatible ram and the ram that was in there was 2666mhz. So I purchased the exact same brand and type but in 2133mhz and now I have no issues at all.

The funny thing is that I sent my laptop back and they said they couldn’t replicate the issue. Knowing now that it was a hardware malfunction and not a software issue I don’t think they did anything at all when I sent it in. Way to go tech support. Glad I got to pay for new ram out of pocket.
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