Laptop screen goes black and then computer shuts of as soon as i play games


Aug 2, 2015
I can stay hours watching hd vids, surfing the internet, playing browser games, but as i open cs go, after 1 minute, screen becomes black and after 20-30 seconds laptop shuts off. When i turn on pc it says 90D problrm overheating. Ive had this problem in the past but it never shut itself off, even if it was hot. Recentrlg i used parkcontroldist, to control thr CPU, could that create the problem? Sometimes even if i only turn on pc after letting it cool for hours, after 5 seconds it shuts off. I dont think this overheating is a real problem, but just a false alarm. Laptop is inusable though. What should i do?


May 6, 2014
Make sure the laptop fan is running in its default speed. Also try to run laptop during charging and note whether it shutdown or not. You tried to control the CPU so may be it created the problem when you did this. (Better not to control these hardware units. If its running fine then don't try to do this).
By the way, what are the temps of CPU and motherboard when you login to windows?