Laptop Shut Down incompletely


Jun 23, 2016
Some backstory: I've bought (3 years ago) one Asus laptop model f552ld (specs: i7 4500u , 8GB ram, nvidia 820m 1GB, 500 GB toshiba HDD). I've upgraded to win 10 from 8 64 bit without any problem. Since i need it mostly for gaming and work (but often going from place to place) I've decided to upgrade to a SSD.

I've tried to put the SSD in default place (where HDD was), switched optical drive with a caddy(and with HDDin it). Ok, bios set mode to AHCI detecting both drives. Installed again windows formatting everything.

Problem starts now, sometimes laptop refuses to shut down properly, fan and "working" led stays on even if windows reports in event viewer as a complete shutdown. This doesn't happen every time, like 1/3 of times.
Same applies for sleep or hibernate but i can't get it back to work only if forcing it to shut down with 8 second button push,that means sleep is kinda useless this way

What can i try to fix it?
I have the most recent bios, hybrid sleep turned off, power setting are fine.