laptop shut down & sometime black screen randomly while gaming only !!


Feb 13, 2015
help my laptop after update windows & new driver from nvidia can't play a single game, every time i play the game always black screen or shut down, i already check power brick, hard drive, ram, change registry, power plan, clean install previous driver but no luck, before update i can play everything fine but now game only 5 minute sometime 1 hour get this problem.

check windows logs give me this error
- event 41 critical shutdown.
- display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has succesfully recovered.

i'm pretty sure is not overheating issue or power brick (i have 2 of this 1 is new), today i start play from cold start & get hit around 10 minute in game but i can hours watching video or surf, check core my temp only 48 - 55 while gaming.

Lenovo Y510P GT755M OS W 8.1


Feb 13, 2015
after u post that, i go for stress test but no problem, GPU work fine, so thats not the problem.

before update any of new driver i play for 2/3 hours fine & rest a while then notification show to update new driver, .... updating ......... & poop every horried things come to my life. try update bios still no luck. this nvlddmkm make me crazy.


Apr 4, 2011
What is your current driver version (the crashing one)? What was the previous functioning version? What GPU is in that PC?

After your last reply I would say that this is caused by a driver issue with your graphics card.
Uninstall all display drivers, reboot and install the driver that worked for you. Do. Not. Update. To. The. Driver. Version. That. Caused. The. Crash.

If it helped to revert to old drivers, then the issue is solved.
If it did not help, then you have a hardware/GPU issue.

If you can already rule out faulty drivers or hardware, look into this. It's been known to help a few of my colleagues:
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