Laptop shuts down & can't install windows


Sep 6, 2013

About one and a half year ago, my laptop broke down and I just left it lying around for a while, however, a little while back I made up my mind to finally try and fix the thing.

The laptop in question is a Asus eeePC 1001ha netbook.
As for the breaking down: When trying to boot the laptop, it would freeze on the splash screen where it'd say: 'Asus eeePC, press F2 to enter setup' etc.

So, screwed the laptop open and replugged several things. This however did not fix the problem.

While trying to install Windows again from a USB stick it would freeze up and/or shut down, during the installation or just after.

I was told it probably was the HDD, which would make sense seeing how it broke down (I closed the laptop a bit too frantically) so I bought a new one last week.
During the installation however, it would again randomly shut off, without a warning. Just *poof*. I managed a couple of times to get to the point where the installation needs a reboot, but during the service check it often shuts down again. (No bsod, mind you.)

The laptop, while installing, is plugged in with only the power cord, no battery plugged in.

I have absolutely no idea what the problem could be, and I'd like to fix this so I can use it at school without having to buy a new one.

Thanks in advance.


P.S: Small edit: I also tried unplugging the HDD (before buying a new one) and installing Slax on my USB stick, as a test if that would work, it booted, did not shut off randomly, however now I can't get that to boot either.

It also shuts off without any for of storage connected (HDD, USB, etc.) Could this probably be a motherboard failure..?