Laptop sound issue: speaker sound works but not when I use earphone/headphones


Mar 30, 2017

I recently purchased a laptop and everything works fine but the audio.
My problem is that whenever I play an audio file, it plays it out of the in-built laptop speaker instead of the earphones or headphones that I have connected from the audio jack.

The only playback device I have showing is (even ticking the disabled or hidden playbacks)

2- High Definition Audio Device
Default Device

I have restarted my computer numerous times, reinstalled audio drivers, checked for hidden or disabled playbacks (was fine) and updated my Windows Update to the latest patch.

I can't get my head around on fixing this issue because it is causing such a dilemma whenever I need to listen to audio files causing audible noise surrounding me.

When the headphones are plugged in, have you tried right clicking on the "Speaker" icon in the task bar. Then click "Open Volume Mixer". Once in there see if the headphones show as one of the items listed.

If not, I would suggest (since you already tried checking in "Control Panel") that you test the headphones on a different device. Do they work on other devices? Also, are they headphones only, or a headphones/mic combo and are they connecting to the computer via 3.5mm port or USB?


Mar 30, 2017

The earphones and headphones work on my other devices.
I have a headset that uses a USB to connect to the computer instead of the audio jack, and it works for this. The earphones and headphones that I have been using works on other devices as well, so my problem is my audio jack or perhaps more internal such as the computer not recognising the audio jack.

Not sure what my options are but I've been searching the web and someone purchased a USB audio adapter for this problem.
However I still want to find a way whether the issue, if possible.
I see. I would suggest you try any other items you can in the 3.5mm port and see if any work/give off sound. If not, then the port is definitely the issue. If the device is still under warranty, I would suggest contacting the manufacturer. Otherwise you may have to replace it yourself, or find someone who can do it for you.
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