Laptop stops when moved


Jul 29, 2016
I am using Dell Inspiron laptop with Ubuntu installed. It started giving me problems when I turn it on or move it if it boots fine. Sometimes when I turn it on it doesn't show anything and after a few fading beeps, it turns off. Even if after some shaking it starts, it stops and gives a fuzzy screen if moved. Also the caps lock key keeps blinking if it is moved. I showed it to a repair shop and they said that it is motherboard issue. I just want to confirm if anyone here had this issue or have some advice regarding that...

PS: Sometimes it give kernel panic error too during boot process.
I have never had that 'specific' issue, but they are probably right about the replacement. And it may not be just the motherboard. Due to the shaking errors mentioned. There may be other damage internally, or loose connections.