Laptop-tv connection: audio and video on different channels!


Aug 19, 2010

I have recently bought a PANASONIC VIERA TX-L32U10E and tried to connect it with my laptop FUJITSU/SIEMENS AMILO.

As my laptop hasn't got a HDMI socket, I bought a DVI-HDMI cable to connect them.

Moreover, as from DVI there is no sound transmission, I used an audio cable as well.

The result is video and audio pass to the TV on 2 different channels! The video is displayed on the HDMI channel and the audio on the COMPONENET channel.

Anybody knows why? Is there a way to have both audio and video on the same channel?


Your TV is looking for audio on the HDMI port and not finding a signal. You've connected your laptop's audio out to the component audio input.

Check to see if there is an option in your TV's settings to disable HDMI-Audio. If so, check to see what other audio inputs are available on your TV (look close to the PC D-Sub interface).

-Wolf sends


Aug 19, 2010

Hey man, problem solved, thank you very much! Actually it was easier than expected, I just had to change the HDMI input from Digital to Analogue and now it works perfectly!

Thank you again! :bounce:
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