Question Laptop typing very specific things

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Sep 21, 2020
My laptop has started doing something bizarre, occasionally typing very specific things (my work email address, password and the name of my workplace) without me touching the keyboard. I only noticed because of YouTube videos suddenly freaking out, due to the keys being hit for different commands out of nowhere (full screen, rewind, activating closed captions). This only happens once every couple of days, for a few minutes at a time. I use a plug-in keyboard, but this happens whether or not it's connected.

This is on my personal laptop, I think I've actually typed these things using this computer and keyboard maybe once in the last few years. I did a factory reset a few months ago for unrelated reasons, and I've done all the standard stuff, restarting the computer, etc.

Any idea what the heck's going on?
Sep 21, 2020
Do you have issues with the laptop keyboard or mouse in general, is that why you are using another keyboard? If you did a factory reset any saved passwords/forms should have been wiped out.
No issue's with the laptop keyboard and mouse, I use different ones for conveniences sake. I figured any passwords I had saved would've been wiped out after a reset, which is part of why this whole thing is so bizarre to me.

Just to be clear, it isn't auto-filling in this information, it's actively typing it out.
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