Laptop will only charged if plugged in a certain way/on sleep/turned off


Apr 5, 2011
Hello, about a few months, my laptop started acting crazy. I tried to use defaultschemes and it didn’t work. I use the original charger too. I also tried another charger but it’s the laptop. I went on different threads to see any suggestions but the defaultschemes didn’t help. Recently, my laptop’s hard drive broke so I replaced it and did a clean up the dust on the laptop. Not sure if that would affect the battery in anyway? If I plug in the laptop a certain way like pressing the plug down and hold it. It would charge for a while. Often, it charges and disconnect back and forth while plugged in.
May 20, 2018
How long have you had your laptop? The problem is clearly battery based and batteries degrade over time, and it' not unheard of for one to take a sudden dip in performance. Another reason could be that when you were changing your hard drive you accidentally loosened the connection from the battery to the charging port. Hope this helps.
May 20, 2018

Thanks for the reply. Like I said I would suggest ensuring that everything is connected securely and if that doesn't solve it then the battery is likely beginning to fail. If you'd like then it may be worthwhile to invest in replacing the battery. Glad I could help.
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