Question Lenovo 710S won't turn on after disassembly

Sep 1, 2019
My Lenovo 710S won't turn on after I replaced the screen hinge, the fan did not spin, no led light up when I press the power button and the charger indicator light didn't light up when plugged-in either. I check all the wire and connector inside and they seem ok, I didn't disconnect anything while I was replacing the hinge. So far I have tried holding down the power button down for 30 sec and try pressing the "Novo" button on the side of the laptop, both did nothing.

This is the 2nd times this happened, the first time was when I disassemble the laptop to take a look at the hinge when it first broke, it didn't turn on after I put it back together as well, I brought the laptop to Lenovo's service center and somehow they were able to turn it on, but the quoted me $500 to replace the hinge, so it ordered the hinge online and replace it myself. I wanted to try to fix it myself before I bring it back to the service center, they fixed the not turning on problem for free so I think it might be something simple that I'm missing.

Any help would be much appreciated.
Sep 1, 2019
I fixed it!! Not sure what did the trick, but I tried 2 things, unplugging both the main battery and the cmos battery, also I unplugged the charge port which I read somewhere that bad charge port could cause problems, which mine could well be because I bumped it a few times and now it quite loose and also it was right under the hinge I had replaced and I had to moved it around to get the hinge in and out. Plugged both batteries back in and it turned on, I shut it down and plugged the charge port back in and now everything is working fine.
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